NOW an easy way to fix all your incoming call problems

without the huge expense of call centre software

You only get one chance to make a first impression and in most cases that is done by the phone so its important to have a professional first contact

What do you get inside your system?

central hub

An online central hub to manage everything

Get your own secure hub where you can manage all your calls, emails, sms and staff without ever needing a 3rd party device.


Full call centre capabilities for 100s or 1000s of numbers

Full call centre software that allows you to collect, redirect, record and even sell calls on complete autopilot. With advanced scheduling and redirects you will look like a big corporation.


Location and industry radius targeting

Bring lead buyers into your system that confirm their location and industry so you can automatically sell the jobs you dont want to other local businesses who can cover them.

THAT's NOT IT, there is more...


email marketing system inside


drag and drop form builder


spam protection on all forms


the ability to sell leads automatically

Some of the amazing features

Automated Lead Sales

If you receive calls and emails you don't want then you can automate their sales

Central Control Pannel

Manage all your forms, calls and staff from a single location

WordPress & HTML Compatible

The forms can be added to both HTML and WordPress websites easily

Drag & Drop Form Builder

Drag and drop form builder so you can create forms in a matter of seconds

Instant Notifications

Get instant notification when a lead comes in and also notify potential buyers

Entry Management

You can manage everything from your central control panel so no logging into websites

Responsive Mobile Friendly

Responsive forms that work perfectly on mobile, tablet and desktop

Easy To Embed Anywhere

Embed your forms anywhere including ads, websites and inside online documents

Call Centre Software

Full call centre software to handle all your calls with divert, recording, scheduling and much more

Email Marketing System

Sell and market via email to any customer that has ever come into contact with your system

SMS Marketing System

Sell and market via SMS to any customer that has ever come into contact with your system ​

Staff Management System

Field staff management system which will also tell you how far they are from jobs

Easy Spam Protection

1 click spam protection for all your forms to avoid robo clicksand submits

Call Distribution And Divert

Distribute your calls to one or multiple number symultaneously

Call Recording And Playback

Record all your calls so you can listen to your staff, lead buyers or your own calls

Form And Call Lead Sales

Full form lead and call sales automation included so you can sell what you cant cover

Call Centre Software

When you’re busy every single day, which most business owners and entrepreneurs are.

It’s hard to answer every single call that comes into your business.

This is losing your business customers and reducing your income, meaning you have to work much harder for every single penny of profit you make. 

Not only that it also leaves customers feeling let down which means they will go elsewhere and you have just lost a customer for life.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Lead Simplify call centre software enables your business to: 

  • Redirect calls to one or multiple numbers easily 
  • Unlimited Twilio number integrations 
  • Record your calls 
  • Set up call schedules 
  • Automatically reconnect callers back to the last person they spoke to 
  • Recognise staff numbers and call buyer numbers
  • Pass or restrict caller ID
  • Create text to speech, mp3 file or voice recorded voicemails 
  • Redirect using numbers 
  • Allocate calls to a particular niche or industry 
  • Ask callers questions like industry and location before transferring
  • Set the call source, so you know best-converting pipelines 
  • Forward calls to single or multiple numbers of your choice 
  • Forward calls to single or multiple call buyers
  • Forward calls to matching call buyers based on their buying criteria criteria 
  • Allocate default locations to your phone number
  • Send voicemail recordings directly to your email address
  • Send potential lead buyers several free calls so they can decide whether to buy future calls
  • Automatically prospects when you have calls you don’t want so the calls generate opportunities to sell calls rather than them getting wasted

You can use Lead Simplify’s call centre software as simply or as complicated as you like because we designed it to make your life easier while maximising the income from every call you receive.

SO from today, your new call centre software:

  • Lets you redirect to one or multiple numbers so you can stop answering all the calls yourself which means you have more time to work on what you enjoy doing in your business 
  • Lets you record all your calls so you can play them back which means you can make sure everyone who answers your calls are professional and giving your callers the right information 
  • Lets you set up call schedules so your phone will stop ringing when you finish work which means you can enjoy your evenings with your family or doing what you enjoy and not working
  • Lets you, auto-reconnect callers, back to the last person they spoke to so your not dealing with other peoples calls which means you can remain focused on your work and be more productive 
  • Lets you create text to speech, mp3 or voice recorded answer machine messages so you look professional to your customers which means you can charge a higher premium for your service
  • Lets you ask your callers what department they are calling for so you can redirect calls automatically which means the wrong person never answers any calls 
  • Lets you forward calls to single or multiple numbers at the same time so you can guarantee all callers get responded to instantly which means your company makes more money from the calls you receive 
  • Lets you automatically allocate calls you don’t want to 3rd parties so you can sell those calls without doing anything which means your company makes more money from the calls you receive 
  • Lets you send voicemail recordings direct to your email address so you can listen to them which means everything gets dealt with correctly and professionally or you know about it
  • Lets you automatically collect information on other local businesses soo you can sell your unwanted calls which means your company makes more money from the calls you receive

This call centre software is designed for businesses who want to be at the forefront of technology while simplifying the process for you and your customers and making as much money as possible from every single call you receive.

Now your probably thinking I can’t afford call centre software, it’s only for the big companies with deep pockets. 

But nothing could be further from the truth because here at Lead Simplify we designed a world-first call centre software specifically for small business at a price anyone can afford. 

Today we can offer you full call centre software for just $9.99 a month, and if you act fast you will also receive:

  • Unlimited Calls with call recording for all your numbers 

And as a fast action bonus, we will give you free access to:

  • Our drag and drop form builder with unlimited forms for all your websites and ads and a central location to manage everything that comes in
  • The ability to process unlimited Leads with integrated SMS and email distribution and automated call distribution 
  • The ability to handle unlimited Prospects so that every ten calls you receive represents 200 perfect prospects without you doing anything 
  • An Email Marketing System So you can market to anyone who has ever had contact with your business including lead buyers, contractors or customers
  • An SMS Marketing System So you can sell to anyone who has ever had a connection with your business including lead buyers, contractors or customers and get 99% deliverability
  • Full Call Centre Capabilities so you can make your company look like an enterprise-level organisation with call redirects 
  • PLUS call scheduling so you can have your phone turn off when you go home which means you get a break from work and can return the next day feeling refreshed and more productive
  • And so much more 

PLUS all future upgrades including:

  • The invoicing system
  • The billing system 
  • And so many cool things that are top secret for now

This is a very limited offer and will be going away soon, but for a very short time, you can get all this for just $9.99 a month 

Plus you get grandfathered into that price for as long as you remain with our company.

Grab this fantastic offer before it’s gone forever.


Have you decided to get our software?
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Fast Action Bonuses

If you act fast you will also receive inside your account:


  • A PDF Download of the Best Converting Headlines Ever Written (worth $97) 
  • Facebook Quickstart Ad Training (worth $297)
  • Lead Buyer onboard Training not available anywhere else on the planet (worth $297)
  • 300,000,000 USA business records with contact details (worth $5000)